Page with information for new models


I get asked a lot more than you might think, "Do you work with new models" or "I don't have much experience". The truth is that I often prefer to work with newer models who have little to no experience. The reason is simple, you have not been exposed to the industry yet. Everyone thinks he or she knows what looks best, which models try to appeal to that desired look. I often look at beauty differently than others, and decide for myself how the connect between my self and my models should look - the answer is 'natural'. I do everything within my power to ensure models are as comfortable as possible, to make them feel like they can be themselves. After all, who really likes fake or uncomfortable emotion anyways? What looks best is a natural expression, where a model can be his or her self. This is why I do choose to work with newer models.

On a weekly basis, I offer some valuable volunteer time to newer models with little to no experience. During this time, we setup a photoshoot where we run through several attire changes and different concepts. I also do basis instruction and provide helpful tips in developing your 'style' while working with me. Of course, this benefits both of us. The model gets my time in instruction and walks away from the shoot with images he or she can put in their portfolio. I get images which I can use to market and expand my own portfolio. I also use images to enter into submissions and contests where we both can gain valuable publicity if the images are chosen, which can quickly skyrocket your career. I do have a couple of models who have blown up when working with myself in the past, which submissions played a huge role in.

A couple of quick things. I do gain several requests for these types of shoots. As I only have limited time, as in a sense this is volunteered time where I am not charging the model or another client, I limit these shoots to one per week. I often have more than one model per week interested in working with me, so I do have to make decisions. Do not be discouraged if we are unable to shoot for a given week, as I do roll over those who have interest into upcoming weeks. Also, I make a decision and confirm the appointment, cancellations are not permitted. If a model cancels, it wastes both of our time as well as the opportunity for another model who could have benefited from the time slot instead. I ask that before you choose to submit your interest, that you are ready to book the appointment firmly and have nothing holding you back from attending the photoshoot.

For models who are interested, I ask that you submit a minimum of two images of yourself (yes, selfies are fine!) one including a close up of your face and another full body image that clearly shows your midline. I don't require any nude images to be submitted, however a bikini or lingerie shot is preferred to see your body form. I used to include specific requirements for models, such as height, weight, and dress size, however, I no longer have these requirements. I consider all models who are height and weight proportionate and have a unique style or look they wish to show the world. After all, this industry requires passion and dedication and I would like to see you start off on the right foot working with me.

When contacting, please also include basic contact details and your availability to ensure that we can setup a date and time if you are selected. I wish you good luck! And one last thing, please don't let your thoughts of wondering if you are beautiful enough hold you back from reaching out. You know you are beautiful and if you have made it this far in reading all this information, you are clearly interested. You have nothing to lose, you'll be surprised how much confidence you can actually gain from just testing the water in modeling, and I promise you will be impressed by the results!