Photography really comes in two distinct parts - the artistic and the technical. Most photographers are proficient at generally one or the other. To be an amazing and inspiring photographer, you have to balance the two opposing elements in a synergetic manner.

Tyler King is completely aware of these concepts, because if there is one thing he is an expert on, it is failure. Success only comes through repetitive errors and making the slow and challenging headway to progress. Having adapted the early understanding of the technical elements when he was younger, first in live sound production and video engineering, he gained the appreciation of understand the more complex workings of the equipment which produced these beautiful works of art.
Having spent many years learning of the underlying technology included in the equipment, he applied those conceptually learned skills to business. Entrepurnership was his first passion. Creating something from nothing is an amazing feat and makes you feel like you have truly accomplished something magnificent. He started several companies, learning from the errors and mistakes early on, when these were not as costly professionally. Later, after successfully running several companies, he went on to gain lvy-League education from some of the world most prestigious institutions.
While business and his consulting practice made him feel accomplished, something was clearly missing in his life. He realized with time that was a creative outlet. This is where photography began to make a larger role in his life. He refined his skills, working with some amazing models and publishers worldwide. He was able to make incredible progress with his technical skillsets with ighting, which he later wernt on to teach as advanced techniques to other photographers, which he is well known for today.
With time, he leaned where his niche really lied - working with models, specializing in the female form - specifically glamour, fashion, and implied/nude concepts. Having been published several times with leading publications, he is well aware of what is in industry demand, and how to make it easy to work together on projects. He knows how to work with new and established models, allowing them to feel comfortable, even out of their element or in new environments. He knows that women want to feel beautiful, to feel appealing, and desired - he specifically knows how to capture this in images.
Quality is very important to Tyler King. He considers this a priority in deciding what equipment he uses on sets and owns in his personal inventory, Quality is only as good as the inputs, so Tyler King invests in the best equipment no matter what project he is working on. He shoots almost exclusively with medium format, whenever possible, and with high-end professional lighting equipment, even on outdoor on-location shoots.
This is Tyler King's creative passion - creating works of art that appeals and compels those who view to see the beauty implicitly and explicitly in his subjects and the final product. He is an artist in his craft, considering it an evolving practice which requires constant improvement and dedication. His goal - to create jaw dropping results and share them with the world. Especially well known for social media branding - for ambassadors and alluring Instagram models - his art is shared worldwide through numerous platforms and publishers. Chances are more than not, that you have seen his work if you have ever glanced at any of the leading men's publications or websites.
Today, his primary professional role is as a business consultant, taking photography second as his true passion in life. Art takes a lifetime to develop and Tyler King understands this dedication and practice developing his talents faithfully as often as his schedule allows. He also is a constitutional rights and criminal justice reform activist. In order, he considers himself as an Entrepreneur / Creative Director/ Problem Solver. His creative process is simple. Bring the best equipment, be the best you can be through practice, and produce the best results through hard work and dedication.